Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy (Late) Birthday t o Peter!!

Peter celebrated his first birthday in August. He didn't really do much with his cake but we had a fun time celebrating him.


Cyndi said...

So...Provo High 99 has a blog? Too funny.

Cute kids, cute wife and cute life. Good luck in your third year of law school. I'm so glad we ran into each other at the zoo. It is always nice to meet people who knew me when I had braces, insecure, a little round and ever so immature...ok with all the said, thanks for still talking to me. :)

(this is to your wife) Is there a law wives club? We have one with tradition. It is so fun. All the ladies get together and drink wine and chit chat about small town chatter. Of course I go for the free cheese and night away from the missionary work :). Just wondering because I would recommend it!

Rachel said...

so cute. i am glad i saw these darling pics. can't wait to see you guys soon!