Monday, April 07, 2008


Bella turns three this summer, and she still loves her binkie. As someone who loved their binkie and still reflexively moves their mouth as if working on a binkie, I have been holding back in taking it away from her. Bella decided that she wanted to give her binkies to the Binkie Fairy so that she could redistribute them to the new babies in area hospitals. So far so good.

Binkies waiting on the threshold

Bella lifted up the box left by the Binkie Fairy to look for her binkies; they were gone.

Thanks to Darlybird, the transition has been relatively smooth. The Binkie Fairy brought earrings, a frog, lip gloss, and games to Bella. She loves her new items. The night of the exchange, Bella told Becca that she wanted the Binkie Fairy to come back with her binkies but that she would not return the Darly items.

Bella in flight.

Misty afternoon.

Peter loves solid foods. He enjoys rice cereal, bread, bananas, and prunes. He is a great eater.

Bella loves the sandbox on our playground. Recently, I have been helping her to build "Doggie Houses" and "Doggie Castles."