Saturday, January 26, 2008

Beautiful Bella

Bella has adjusted nicely to being a big sister. She sings songs to him, dances for him, and tells anybody who approaches him that he is her baby brother. She as silly as ever.

Sweet Boy

Peter is a good baby. He is mild, sleeps well, and loves to smile. He was sick for three weeks and finally on our third visit to the doctor, they gave us a nebulizer with instructions to administer albuterol to him. Things cleared up quickly. He submitted to treatment without much of a fight. He is a sweetheart.

Temple Square Christmas Lights

We stayed at our house and opted not to go to the Harmon home at 1760 on Christmas because Bella had symptoms of pink eye. Christmas wasn't quite the same without all of our family. Becca decided that we needed to get out of the house and go to Temple Square. I thought that it was too cold, but she was determined to go. It was FREEZING! We got out of our car, took a couple of pictures, and got back into the car as soon as we could.

We ended the evening by enjoying a dinner at a PACKED Denny's Restaurant; lots of lonely people there that night.